Rent vs. Own - What's the Best Choice?

One of the biggest decisions you will make is deciding whether to purchase a home or rent. While buying a home is a serious commitment, it's not without reward.  Be sure to consider the following benefits of homeownership when making your decision:

Predictable Payments

Tired of rent increases? Purchasing a home with a fixed rate mortgage loan adds peace of mind and ensure you lock in a consistent mortgage payment for the duration of your loan.

Investment Opportunity

Unlike a rental, a home is a tangible asset that has the ability to appreciate in value.  Plus, you can even rent out a spare room in your home for extra income!​

Tax Benefits

Put money back in your pocket: Many expenses associated with owning a home, such as property taxes, interest and accounting costs, could all be tax deductible.

Consult a tax professional for additional information

Make It "Your" Home

Whether it's a simple paint job or an extensive renovation, purchasing a home puts you in control.  Plus, any value added to the property goes directly into your pocket - not a landlord's.

Equity Savings

Each monthly loan payment means greater equity for the home owner.  This translates into savings that benefit you, the owner (rather than a landlord). 

Lower Monthly Costs

If you crunch the numbers, the monthly cost of owning a home (excluding the down payment and closing costs) is often much less than renting in the majority of U.S. markets.

To see how a potential home mortgage would stack up to rent, use our Loan Payment Calculator to determine your hypothetical monthly payment.  

There are a variety of flexible loan options that allow borrowers to secure loans with as little as 3 percent down or to use broader income to meet loan requirements. Our team is ready to help you determine which of our loan programs best fits your needs.

Purchasing a home is a major investment and an exciting time. Let one of our experts help you ensure you have everything ready to begin the process. Contact us today!

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